My Continuous Battle Against Unwanted Hair

Let’s face it…body hair SUCKS. And I’m not just saying it “kind of sucks”, no…it sucks HARD! Especially when there’s already SO much pressure on women to (1) be thin, (2) wear make up, (3) wear the latest brands of clothes, (4) have an even skin complexion… the list goes ON and ON! But let’s add to that list that women, in America, are expected to be these silky smooth creatures from the neck down…uhhh, what? Continue reading

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Nick Offerman Talks Going “Full Bush”

I had the glorious pleasure of attending my first “official” stand-up comedian and I was so lucky that my “first” was thanks to Nick Offerman stopping in Ellensburg, Washington – of all places – to help round-out the 2017 Homecoming festivities.

18921833_1550486484964228_7391615374231629117_nMr. Offerman talked a lot about having this “full bush” mentality when approaching life. He bashed Facebook and social media, sang a tune about his woodworking ability (while playing the actual ukulele he made), briefly touched on Continue reading

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Padawan No More, A Master I Am

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, chances are you’re probably right.

I graduated in 2015 with my Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations while triple-minoring in sports business, advertising and nonprofit administration. Graduate school had crossed my mind many times as an undergraduate, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it and that it held no value for me – I was wrong.

As of July 27, 2015, “More than 16 million people in the US – about 8 percent of the population – now have a master’s, a 43 percent increase since Continue reading

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