From the Desk of an Intern: Hard Work Pays Off

It’s been approximately 15 days since graduation and for some it’s the start of a relaxing summer vacation, while for others it was the final checkpoint to reach before entering the workforce.

I, like many others, decided to immediately start working. I was fortunate enough to land a summer internship with a great sports team in Oregon, something many of my peers weren’t able to acquire. I started the Monday after graduation and I have been faced with long days, large inflatable bouncy houses, building party tents, delivering tickets, and managing to get a strong foothold within the organization.

I am aware that these are the opportunities that must be taken seriously and must be taken with the most appreciative of attitudes.

Positivity and hard work are two ideals that are sometimes overlooked when it comes to internships and entry level positions. Demonstrating a positive attitude even when it’s blistering hot outside and you’re asked to go set up the bouncy house and the inflatable obstacle course. You do everything to the very best of your ability and, if you fail, you understand that it is a learning opportunity and that it is okay to make mistakes because you are there to learn from those who have already made it.

You need to be able to stand on your feet and smile at a fan or consumer who isn’t entirely satisfied because of a miscommunication, even though you’ve been on your feet for the past five hours with no rest.

Your hard work and diligence will show through and it is your responsibility to show others, and prove to yourself, that you are able to learn new things and take on tasks that are given to you.

The months after graduation are crucial to your personal brand and how you want to be perceived by others. In the professional world, hard work pays off. You will be noticed for being the first intern in the office, you’ll be noticed for bringing in donuts for opening day because you wanted to…not because you felt obligated to. You’ll be noticed for taking on the odd tasks and you’ll be noticed for volunteering to be the mascot at 8 a.m. on your second day.

If you consistently put out great products and great work ethic, then you will be noticed in a positive light. So remember, hard work pays in the long run; and in the long run you want to be happy with the life you’ve chosen to work for.

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