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Padawan No More, A Master I Am

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, chances are you’re probably right.

I graduated in 2015 with my Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations while triple-minoring in sports business, advertising and nonprofit administration. Graduate school had crossed my mind many times as an undergraduate, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it and that it held no value for me – I was wrong.

As of July 27, 2015, “More than 16 million people in the US – about 8 percent of the population – now have a master’s, a 43 percent increase since Continue reading

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I Met Princesses – It was Magical

I got to finally meet Disney Princesses at Disneyland and it was magical. I literally almost cried (the two people who were with me at that exact moment can attest to this).

This got me thinking…why was it such a big ding dang deal for me, a 23-year-old adult, to meet a classic Disney Princess in Disneyland? Well, let me tell you why it was so ding dang important. Continue reading

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And 3.1 Miles Later…

“Running teaches me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined.” – Anonymous

When I was younger, we’re talking over 1o years ago, I participated in cross country for the first time. I had previously played softball, and I was pretty darn good at it too. But the time came for some serious change and reflection on the ideals of developing a better path for personal growth…thus I became a runner.

I was never the fa13023280_1123689594348967_104810414_nstest, there would be times I would need to stop to catch my breath, and I was never once a top finisher. But, I kept chugging along at my own pace and eventually finished every race.

When I was introduced to track & field I became attracted to sprinting and short distance events. Again, I was never the fastest, and I almost never finished in the top positions, but I would always finish my race. It’s a lot simpler to run short distances at faster speeds because your event literally only takes seconds to complete then you get to go indulge yourself in nachos and soft pretzels. However, it’s later in life when you grow up (just a bit) and realize that it’s not about being first, it’s about finishing the race and competing with yourself.

Continue reading

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