Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find my portfolio work and you will get a chance to read into my thought process as it applies to my blog.


Passion. Vision. Ambition. Enthusiasm.

These four words are my foundation. These four traits have shaped me into the professional I am, and the professional I aspire to be.

Within my previous role as the Marketing and Communications Specialist Graduate Assistant for the CWU University Advancement and Alumni Relations organizations, I have effectively completed press releases, social media management, journalism article features, brand marketing, effective PR campaigns, event planning, and strategic communication plans. Though this position is not directly dealing with sports, I hope to gain the essential PR, communication, and marketing skills necessary to secure a position in PR and sports marketing, upon completion of my Master’s degree in Athletic Administration, June 2017.

I have experienced many professional opportunities that have shaped my future career goals into what they are today. I have worked as an Account Executive for a Nationally Affiliated student run PR firm, I’ve served as the Copy Desk Chief for an award winning student newspaper, I completed an advertising sales internship that earned me the #2 spot in the country out of 650+ interns nationwide with individual sales totaling over $50k, I worked as a media relations and game experience intern for the CWU athletic department, and I dabbled in radio advertising and marketing as an underwriting coordinator for an award winning college radio station.

In an internship with the Seattle Storm, and previous internship with the Hillsboro Hops, instilled in me the idea that professional sports are an entertainment business and should be treated as such…a business. I have worked hard to build my reputation to reflect professionalism, dedication, and hard work in all endeavors and I can promise you I will continue to do so in all of my future ventures.


Thank you,
Mia N. Patterson


Traits: ambitious, enthusiastic, goal oriented, visionary, creative, charismatic, team player, passionate and organized.

Fields of Interest: sports, public relations, sports marketing, advertising, sponsorship and promotion, social media, social media engagement, community outreach, media relations, entertainment, sports business, game day management, and travel.


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