My Sparkly New Toy

Most individuals at the ripe age of 23 are living their lives with the full intent of making memories, traveling, and exploring the world before them. Then, on the other hand, there are 23-year-olds who are senior citizens trapped in young bodies who think way too practical about what they want in life and what they want to ask Santa for when Christmas comes around. To a certain extent, I would argue that I am one of those senior citizens trapped in a young person’s body.

For my 21st birthday I asked my parents for a crock-pot, for my 22nd birthday I asked my boyfriend for a set of kitchen knives, for Christmas this past year I asked for a paper shredder – invigorating I know. This year, to take it one step further, Continue reading

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You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga

I’ve always wanted to try yoga which is surprising considering I was 15 before I was able to successfully bend to touch my toes. Nonetheless, it was something that really intrigued me and it became something I wanted to try.


Me and my snazzy yoga mat

Fortunately, I was able to take it as a class at Central. I got a snazzy new yoga mat so I would fit in with all the hardcore yoga-goers, made sure to wear my best pair of black yoga pants, and off I went! I was shocked to find that I LOVE it and that you don’t have to be that flexible to do yoga. Continue reading

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I Met Princesses – It was Magical

I got to finally meet Disney Princesses at Disneyland and it was magical. I literally almost cried (the two people who were with me at that exact moment can attest to this).

This got me thinking…why was it such a big ding dang deal for me, a 23-year-old adult, to meet a classic Disney Princess in Disneyland? Well, let me tell you why it was so ding dang important. Continue reading

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