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I Came, I “Conned”, I Conquered

Not many people are aware of the grandeur of effort put into the grand convention that is known as Comic Con. To the untrained eye, or the un-imaginative individual, Comic Con can appear to be a “massive nerd gathering” in which people “dress up in costumes” and parade around all day taking pictures. However, speaking as a first-time “conner” and first time cosplayer (that’s what those “costumes” are called by the way), Comic Con was actually much more than the stereotypical “massive nerd gathering”.


Me in Cosplay at ECCC 2017 with a fellow Cosplayer as Ursula the Sea Witch – Complete with Sebastian.

What I learned while attending my first ever Comic Con in Seattle, WA was that people gathered to share stories, experiences, their phenomenal artistic abilities, and support the “nerdy” beauty within one another. Whether you were Batman taking a photo with the Animaniacs, you were John Snow making GOT fans weak in the knees, you were the entire crew from Guardians of the Galaxy, or you were a Disney princess with a line of people wanting to have their photo taken with you; Comic Con was truly an awe-inspiring and beautiful experience.

My first Con was not what I had originally believed it would be. I went on Thursday and Friday to Emerald City Comic Con and discovered that you will see and meet different people on different days. While the Thursday crowds are more populated with people not in their cosplays trying to meet up with friends, or find where their Continue reading

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1,000 Pieces: One Piece at a Time

I did it. I successfully completed a 1,000 piece puzzle AND I mounted the puzzle on my wall!

This may not seem like a blog-worthy post, however it begs the question of “what have you completed recently” as many people have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions by now.

To me, this puzzle represents my decision to follow through and try new things. It represents something unique and something that I put time and effort into. I completed this puzzle over the course of a weekend because of my persistence, diligence, and a lot of free-time 😉

So, how does this apply to you? Well, if you are ever interested in purchasing, completing and hanging your own masterpiece, the following tips are what I would suggest reading to get a bit of insight as to what you should expect: Continue reading

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An Adventure of a Lifetime

With the New Year officially here I have decided to do something drastic…yes, drastic.

Instead of coming up with a New Year’s Resolution that would ultimately “flop” or that wouldn’t really be much of a resolution to begin with, I’ve decided to create a bucket list and actually DO the things that are on it.

Now, I know what you may be thinking: “She can’t possibly complete all of these things in one year” and my response to that is as follows:

  1. This is meant to be a working document over a lifetime, not some list of 100 things to do this year
  2. I’m aware that I will not complete all of these things in one year but my goal is to document my life experiences, not live solely on their completion date
  3. You don’t know me, nor what I’m capable of so no judgments!

As previously mentioned this is a WORKING document which means things will be added and things will be “checked off” and marked as completed as my life goes on.

I plan to take a photo of each experience and write about them as they are completed in separate blog posts, accompanied by photos when available of course! I will be updating my followers on social media as I go along on this crazy wild ride!

So, it is without further adieu that I present to you my ever-growing, forever-changing bucket list. (Please reserve any and all harsh or negative comments) Continue reading

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