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I Came, I “Conned”, I Conquered

Not many people are aware of the grandeur of effort put into the grand convention that is known as Comic Con. To the untrained eye, or the un-imaginative individual, Comic Con can appear to be a “massive nerd gathering” in which people “dress up in costumes” and parade around all day taking pictures. However, speaking as a first-time “conner” and first time cosplayer (that’s what those “costumes” are called by the way), Comic Con was actually much more than the stereotypical “massive nerd gathering”.


Me in Cosplay at ECCC 2017 with a fellow Cosplayer as Ursula the Sea Witch – Complete with Sebastian.

What I learned while attending my first ever Comic Con in Seattle, WA was that people gathered to share stories, experiences, their phenomenal artistic abilities, and support the “nerdy” beauty within one another. Whether you were Batman taking a photo with the Animaniacs, you were John Snow making GOT fans weak in the knees, you were the entire crew from Guardians of the Galaxy, or you were a Disney princess with a line of people wanting to have their photo taken with you; Comic Con was truly an awe-inspiring and beautiful experience.

My first Con was not what I had originally believed it would be. I went on Thursday and Friday to Emerald City Comic Con and discovered that you will see and meet different people on different days. While the Thursday crowds are more populated with people not in their cosplays trying to meet up with friends, or find where their Continue reading

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Super #Latepost — Go M’s!


Family photo with Dave Niehaus at Safeco Field.

My family and I have never really been into baseball…I know, it’s America’s pastime and all and many people would consider it pure blasphemy that I had never been to a game; however, it just wasn’t a “flashy” sport for us to hang our hats on.

Growing up, my brothers and I each dabbled in a variety of different sports: baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, football, wrestling, track & field, and basketball.

When we participated in baseball and softball, we were mere pee-wee athletes attempting to discover what sports truly spoke to us. That was when we walked away from softball and baseball. Continue reading

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What’s that Pointy Thing?

Most locals to the Seattle area know and understand the “outsider” fascination with 13410438_1156192181098708_876127381_oone of the more iconic tourist attractions in the city, the Seattle Space Needle. To Seattle area natives, it’s just the Space Needle; to others, it’s the symbol of Seattle.

Similar to the fish being thrown at the market, similar
to visiting the first ever Starbucks, and similar to a great many other tourist attractions, the Seattle Space Needle has been an iconic staple since its creation in 1962. Continue reading

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